New and used Closed Semi-trailer for sale

Closed semi-trailers are most commonly used in the transport sector, together with curtainsider semi-trailers. This is largely due to their versatile and universal nature. With a closed semi-trailer, a large amount of goods can be transported, protected from weather conditions and theft. The best known manufacturers of closed trailers are Schmitz, Krone, Kögel, Tracon and Pacton. BAS World always has a large selection of closed trailers in stock of different brands and age.

Brands and models

In addition to Schmitz and Krone, Kässbohrer, Talson, van Eck and Groenewegen also manufacture closed semi-trailers. All models basically have the same structure; a large closed space with lockable loading doors at the rear. To make the loading/unloading more efficient, trailers can be equipped with the following options: lift axle, steering axle, tailgate, underfold tailgate, side door, double doors (front and rear) or swing doors. Swing doors are rear doors that can be hinged at an extra point so that the doors can also be opened in tight spaces.

What can a closed semi-trailer be used for?

Due to their universal nature, closed trailers are suited for transporting a large number of different goods. The advantage of closed semi-trailers is that the contents are sealed airtight from the outside world. This is important, for example, for products that are not resistant to moist. In addition, the load is better protected against theft compared to curtainsider semi-trailers.

How much does a second-hand closed semi-trailer cost?

The price of second-hand closed semi-trailers varies widely. The appearance and technical condition of the trailer determines the price. A brand-new unit obviously costs more than an older one. BAS World always has a large selection of different brands and models in stock. You can buy a closed trailer for €3,000 from BAS. The price of a new unit is around €25,000.