New and used Tipper Semi-trailer for sale

These semi-trailers can unload their entire load by "tipping" it. Tipper semi-trailers have a large horizontal container or bucket made of steel or aluminum with a flap on the rear. Well-known manufacturers of these trailers are Schmitz, Kogel, Meiller, Langendorf, Benalu, Stas and Carnehl. The top can completely be opened by hydraulic flaps or a tarpaulin, which means that loose goods such as sand, stones or waste can easily be loaded. A hydraulic cylinder is mounted at the front, allowing the entire bucket to be tipped. BAS World always has a large selection of different steel and aluminum tippers in stock of different age and with different options, such as a lift and/or steering axle.

Brands and models

In addition to Schmitz and Kögel, Kässbohrer, Meierling, Reisch, Schwarzmuller, Ozsan and ATM also manufacture tipper semi-trailers. Their capacity is often between 20 m³ and 63 m³. They can be made of steel or aluminum, and have a tailgate or doors. In addition, some trailers are equipped with a steering and/or lift axle. Options such as a tarpaulin, grain slide or coil gutter are also possible.

What is a tipper semi-trailer suited for?

Due to their design, tippers are extremely suitable for transporting loose goods. In the construction sector, tipper trailers are widely used for the transport of sand, gravel, rubble and dirt. These trailers are also widely used in the agricultural sector for the transport of beets, potatoes, grain and other vegetables.

How much does a tipper semi-trailer cost?

The price of a used tipper semi-trailer varies widely based on their capacity and condition. At BAS World you can buy a tipper trailer for €5,000. A new unit is already available at €20,000.