New and used Iveco Tractorhead for sale

At Iveco, productivity and profitability are of paramount importance. By using an innovative powertrain, Iveco strives to keep the cost per mile as low as possible. Iveco has one model in the field of tractor units, the Stralis. This model is available in a large number of different versions. This makes the truck suitable for regional and international transport. BAS World always has a large number of Iveco trucks in stock, including the Stralis. Within this offer are tractors with different configurations, engines, and options.


Iveco was founded in 1975 from a merger of 5 different companies in Italy, France, and Germany. After production of delivery vans, the first truck rolled off the conveyor belt in 1981: the Turbo. After many product generations, the Iveco Stralis was chosen as the ‘truck of the year 2003’.

Axle configurations

Iveco Stralis tractors are available in several configurations. Most trucks have a 4x2 configuration. Depending on the type of transport some customers need a 4x4, 6x2 or 6x4 configuration. A 6x2 or 6x4 tractor can optionally be equipped with a lift axle. The extra axle can be lifted when not in use.

New Stralis

In 2016 Iveco unveiled ‘the new Stralis’. Although this tractor looks the same on the outside and inside, the powertrain has undergone a significant overhaul. Thanks to a large number of new components, greater efficiency can be achieved. Iveco goes for a low Total Cost of Ownership instead of flashy looks.

How much does a (young) used Iveco tractor unit cost?

For the price of an Iveco truck, it matters a lot whether the vehicle has driven many miles. A newer truck lasts longer and therefore costs more money. At BAS World you can buy an Iveco Stralis starting from € 15,000. Do you want a brand new one? Expect to spend approximately € 45,000.