Refrigerated Light commercial vehicle

Perishable goods are transported under different kinds of conditions. For this reason vehicles must meet special obligatory standards. Fresh products such as meat or fish for example. A refrigerated vehicle is required for this type of transport. These light commercial vehicles have lots of similarities with regularly closed vans. The difference is the isolated construction and the built-in cooling generator. The best-known manufacturers are Mercedes, IVECO and Renault. BAS World always has a wide range of refrigerated vans in stock of different manufacturers and construction years.

Manufacturers and options

Besides Mercedes, IVECO and Renault, also MAN, Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, Mitsubishi and Fiat build refrigerated vans. These vehicles can be equipped with various options making the vehicle easier and faster to operate. This is, for example, a rearview camera, tailgate, towbar or parking sensors. The cooling generator can also be from Carrier or Thermo-king. The cooling generator will receive power from the battery/motor during daytime, however, this is an insufficient solution during the nighttime. Therefore, refrigerated vans are equipped with an external power connection (220 or 380 volts) to prevent the motor from running.

What are cool/freeze vans suitable for?

Commercial vans with a refrigerated construction are exceptionally suitable for conditioned transport. Perishable goods need to be stored at a constant temperature to conserve the quality of the product. For example, frozen fish, (fresh) milk or flowers. For transport of provisions, an ATP/FRC certificate might be important. Cooling trailers have the same certificate.


Refrigerated vans are available in multiple shapes and sizes. The height and width of the loading space differs. Manufacturers use a combination of L(length) and H(height) for each vehicle. The following combinations are most common: L1H1, L2H1, L2H2, L3H1, L3H2, L4H2, L4H3 and L4H4. The exact dimensions are different per manufacturer. Our sales representatives are able to assist you in choosing the right model.

How much does a refrigerated commercial van cost?

The price of a refrigerated van has a lot to do with the age and mileage of the vehicle. A newer model will have a longer lifetime and therefore has a higher economic value. Vehicles with higher mileage are relatively cheaper. Besides, refrigerated vehicles with day/night cooling or ATP/FRC certificate are more valuable. BAS World always has a wide range of refrigerated commercial vans of different manufacturers and ages. You can already buy a refrigerated van for €7,000. The price of a new van is around €40,000.